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Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for iStock_000016429140XSmall.jpgMany Atlanta residents were stunned and saddened learning of the death of a two-year old boy who was recently malled by the family’s dog. This is not the first time that a household pet of many years, in this case eight years, has attacked and killed a toddler. Our hearts go out to the family of this little boy — as a Fulton County dog bite lawyer, I have represented victims of dog bites and their families and how painful this situation is for all.

The story is heartbreaking and we wonder whether there were any signs or signals along the way that might have led the family to understand the dog’s capability of causing such harm. It is important for dog owners to know how to read these signs.

A neighbor heard the odd sounds of the animal from next door and went to investigate. The scene she found was terrible. The family’s two-year old was lying lifeless having been attacked by the family dog. The dog is reportedly a mixed breed American Staffordshire terrier. This dog is similar to a pit bull.