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Bus Crash Raises Seat Belt Question, Again.

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for bus on mountain road All across our country buses are being boarded this morning taking sports teams, senior citizens and tourists to their destinations. Last week in Texas, yet another major bus accident has left two dead and more than 40 injured. Thankfully, injuries appear to be moderate. As an Atlanta bus injury attorney, I know that age often makes recovery more difficult — these passengers were all over the age of 60.

This bus crash which carried senior citizens to a gambling outing, is currently under investigation. The National Transportation Safety Board and local authorities are now reviewing evidence and conducting interviews, but it will likely take months for the cause to be determined. At this point, the bus is known to have suddenly crashed and rolled over, trapping many of the passengers. Two of whom have lost their lives.

The bus company that owned the vehicle has a clean record, but does have some history of violations in the past. Violations such as a broken light and record keeping deficiencies are considered minor and are regulated under the Federal Motor Coach Safety Administration which is charged with ensuring bus safety.

After this accident, investigators are said to have spent time at the offices of the bus company and in conversation with its owners and their attorney. At one point, the company went bankrupt, but eventually went back into business. The driver of the bus involved in this crash had one fatal incident involving the death of a young man back in the late 1990’s. After a trial, the driver had been held partially responsible for the death of the young man.

Seatbelts are not required on charter buses. This is an issue that has been of concern to passengers and the federal government for many years. Although they are not currently required by the U.S. Department of Transportation, the National Transportation Safety Board has recommended them for years. Many wonder why these are not mandated by our government when accidents such as this one happen and injuries and deaths result that might have been avoided.

In another recent bus crash, older passengers were involved in an accident near Yosemite National Park when the bus lost control and careened down a slope, hitting a tree. Passengers suffered minor injuries in this crash.

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