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Buford Teen Dies In Boating Accident

512957_better_for_ducks.jpgGeorgians are known to enjoy our waterways, and we are proud of our area’s beautiful natural resources. That is why when a boating accident or fatality occurs, we are all impacted. In my experience as a Gwinnett County boating accident lawyer, I know the impact on families when such a tragedy occurs and was saddened to learn of the recent boating accident death of a Buford teen.

The incident occurred over the past weekend on Lake Lanier. We do not have many facts, but as reported by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, the incident is now being investigated and it is possible that charges will be filed for the tragedy.

What we do know is that the young teen disappeared during a boating accident that took place on the lake at or near the Toto Park area and Highway 136. The accident took place on Saturday evening at around 7 p.m. and as we know with auto accidents as dusk approaches, light and visibility can be a factor. We do not know whether it was in this incident which will take weeks to determine.

Apparently, two boats collided in the accident and there were a total of 15 passengers on the boats at the time of the accident. Two other passengers were injured and taken to nearby hospitals. It is presumed that the teen boy was also killed in the incident as his body was located the next day by divers who were working on behalf of Hall County. And as is noted in the AJC piece quoting a DNR spokeswoman. ” ‘The incident is under investigation and anything regarding charges is likely weeks away as our critical incident response team re-creates the incident and analyzes data, conducts interviews, etc.’ ”
The Wildlife Resources Division of Georgia’s Department of Natural Resources encourages boating safety by offering courses on how to operate a boat and the accepted rules of the waterways. The Designated Skipper Program encourages boaters to designate a skipper who is not drinking. It is important that all boaters know the rules of the waterways and Georgia’s regulations on who is eligible to operate a boat and what education is required in certain age groups.

The pamphlet includes such vital information as: registration requirements and information, fees involved in registering a boat, the proper display of vessel numbers, our legal operating ages, the required equipment for boats, what constitutes unlawful operation of a boat, what constitutes boating under the influence of alcohol or other substances, how to report a boating accident, who is responsible for enforcing the regulations, environmental restrictions, as well as the relevant laws for personal watercraft and proper towing of water skiers.

In addition, it is very important for boaters to review the Georgia laws relating to operation of personal watercraft. For example, among other areas of the law, Georgia has specific rules with regard to the unlawful and dangerous operation of a personal watercraft. Boats must maintain a proper operating distance and must operate within the rules when encountering other boats. To reference these rules and regulations, please visit the Wildlife Resources Division website which provides a great deal of important information for all boaters.

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