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Boaters — Avoid Injuries and Accidents — Know the Law

512957_better_for_ducks.jpgIt seems that tragedy has a way of reminding us about safety. A Georgia man died over the weekend in a boating accident while he and his family were kayaking in out of state. In my work as a Georgia boating accident injury lawyer, I have found that sadly — tragedy does teach.

Over the Fourth of July, many families headed out for a weekend of fun and relaxation. On Eagle Mountain Lake in Texas fun turned to tragedy, as a motorboat hit three kayaks while they floated near a dock.

According to law enforcement, two of the kayaks did not have the lighting required for boaters to see them. A Roswell man was killed and other kayakers were injured in the accident. The motorboat driver tried to help at the scene.

When boating within Georgia and outside the state, it is important to check the laws and regulations regarding boating in that area.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources is the entity responsible for boating safety. According to several sources, DNR Law Enforcement was patrolling over the past weekend to ensure that boaters comply with Georgia boating laws. This is one of the primary functions of DNR Law Enforcement — to ensure that boaters are following applicable laws and regulations. In the tragic kayaking death in Texas, lights may have been needed on one or more of the kayaks and were required by law in that state for kayaking after dark.

Georgia authorities say that a common legal violation is the failure to use a life vest, which is required for children under the age of 10. Another area of major concern for law enforcement is boating under the influence of alcohol. Boaters must be educated about the fact that they must not drive a boat and drink.

One DNR captain discussed boating laws noted in an article on Fox31Online, that ” ‘[w]e have a zero tolerance policy when it comes to operating a vessel under the influence, and we are going to enforce it. As long as everyone comes out here, brings a little bit of good common sense with them, gets a designated driver, they won’t have any problems with us.’ ” He also noted that many boaters do not know the laws and regulations with which they must comply and do not have the right equipment when they come out on the water.

Please take the time to review the Georgia’s boating laws and regulations to make sure your boating is safe and sound.

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