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Atlanta Woman ‘Distraught’ Over Fatal Accident With Child in Crosswalk

As a Gwinnett County car accident attorney, I was sorry to see another report about a fatal accident affecting a child. MyFox Atlanta reported Aug. 4 on the death of a seven-year-old boy who was hit by a woman’s SUV as he walked to school. Police say Atlanta woman Shirley Ogilvie struck second-grader Cameron Dunmore while she was taking her own daughter to school. Ogilvie relied on a friend, Darlene Henson, to say how sorry she was, and reportedly cried on a relative’s shoulder during the news conference.

According to the article, Dunmore was crossing the street in front of his elementary school when the accident occurred. A crossing guard reportedly held a stop sign in the middle of the street as he crossed, but for unclear reasons, Ogilvie failed to stop. Henson said Ogilvie drives the same street every day to take her daughter to school and is distraught over the child’s death. Police say charges against Ogilvie are pending, including charges of vehicular homicide. The CEO of DeKalb County, where the accident took place, said he would start a traffic study on the crosswalk where the crash took place.

As Henson said at the conference, the death of a child is always devastating. As a Metro Atlanta car wreck lawyer, I’m sorry to say that I’ve handled several cases involving wrongful deaths of children in traffic accidents. In addition to being very emotionally difficult cases, they can often be financially catastrophic as well. Nobody worries about money right after a terrible accident, but as time goes on and accident-related bills begin to arrive, grieving families are forced to think about how they will pay the six-figure costs of necessities like hospitalization and a funeral. For many families, these unexpected costs completely swallow their savings, forcing them to scramble just to make ends meet.

Families put in this situation because of someone else’s bad driving decisions have rights in Georgia. They include the right to sue the careless driver for all of the costs of the accident, as well as compensation for the devastating loss of a family member. The Law Offices of P. Charles Scholle helps families like these claim compensation for accident-related medical, repair and funeral bills; lost wages, including the future wages a wrongfully killed person will never have a chance to earn; and compensation for the loss of a loved one’s care, companionship and affection. Our Georgia auto accident lawyers have more than 15 years of experience fighting insurance companies and their armies of lawyers to get clients the settlements to which they are legally entitled.

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