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Atlanta Truck Accident Causes Tragedy


Atlanta Pick Up Truck Loses Tire and Hits Vehicle

Several years ago, a tragic Atlanta truck crash occurred on I-85 when a tire flew off a truck and hit the windshield of a van traveling in the opposite direction. The van driver, a mom, lost her life instantly and without warning. Her daughter was in the vehicle and survived the accident. Tragically, a very similar Atlanta truck accident occurred recently on Georgia 400. A pick up truck traveling at a normal rate of speed lost a wheel and a tire. The tire ultimately flew into the windshield of a woman’s car as she was driving on the opposite side of the road. The impact caused fatal injury to the driver. The deceased driver was a mom of two on her way to work. Her co-workers were stunned by the news and her family is in grief. The deceased mom was a cherished co-worker and loving friend. It is difficult to imagine what her family and community are experiencing. The shock of a sudden accident and loss of life is always difficult to accept.

The driver of the truck was cooperative with investigators and also expressed his sadness over this event. He also mentioned that he had taken a recent trip with the truck and had no mechanical issues with it in the past. The authorities do not expect to charge the truck driver with any crime. Thus far, there is no explanation as to why the wheel and tire came off the truck. However, authorities believe this accident may have been caused by some sort of mechanical failure. The precise nature of the failure is not yet known.

Accident Reconstruction Mechanical Failure Cause

Accident forensics and reconstruction is a specialized discipline in which experts can determine how accidents occur and literally reconstruct the causes of accident. In the recent Atlanta truck accident, there are several avenues of accident investigation that could determine why the wheel came off the pick up truck. In mechanical failure personal injury cases, we investigate many potential causes. These are determined by the nature of the accident and can include: other incidents involving the same make and model of pick up truck, the potential that tire bolts were worn or defective, and/or the possibility that tires were over-tightened or under-tightened.

Other areas of investigation might include wheel and tire maintenance review. Did a mechanic or truck repair shop maintaining the truck do something improper? Did the truck owner follow a maintenance schedule or fail to get recommended maintenance. Were any replacement parts or factory parts defective? Were proper parts were used on the truck or were parts substituted that should not have been? These are only a few of the questions we investigate, often with the help of other experts.

These investigative inquiries, which we as personal injury lawyers implement in many cases, can lead to areas of discovery that determine negligence or other wrongdoing. Perhaps a tire was replaced and the shop did  not bolt it back correctly. Perhaps it was too tight or too loose. These failures can lead to accident and serious injury as they did in the recent Atlanta accident. And those responsible can be held accountable.

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