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Atlanta Mourns Former Chief Justice Hines


Georgia Loses Noted Jurist

The news last week was not just about elections. We learned of the passing of former Georgia Supreme Court Chief Justice Harris Hines. He and his wife were traveling back to Cobb from choir performance of their young granddaughter. Somehow the SUV he was driving may have strayed out of its lane and flipped over. Thus far, the cause of this lane departure crash are not known. Chief Justice Hines passed away, but his wife survived and is expected to recover from her injuries. Justice Hines was an Atlanta native who attended Grady High School and Emory University. He had only retired this past summer after many decades of service. We have lost a great jurist and a fine man. This very sad Atlanta auto crash has left the legal community and the courts and his judicial colleagues in mourning. Across the state, tributes have been pouring in for this Georgia native who had a stellar career on the bench.

Single Vehicle Atlanta Crashes

Single vehicle car accidents are not something we consider often. These crashes can involve serious injuries or even fatalities as was the case in the tragic Atlanta accident involving our former Chief Justice Hines.

These accidents can occur in various conditions. For example, a single vehicle can end up in a road departure crash due to speed on a curve or due to distracted driving. Other causes can involve a sudden medical event such as a heart attack or stroke. Some of these crashes are the result of alcohol or drug consumption or distracted driving.

A single vehicle crash may also be caused by a defect in the road or highway. These accidents can be due to a defective highway design or failure to maintain the road or highway. Other dangerous circumstances can result from an unsafe road condition that should have been addressed or a failure to install proper road signs to warn of inherent dangers. One case in Georgia involved a single vehicle crash due to a company’s failure to correct a hazardous condition they created on a highway. This hazard made the highway very slick in the rain. A woman passed away due to these slick conditions caused by a commercial enterprise that spilled debris on the roadway, making it very dangerous and deadly. Her husband sued the company and land owner for her wrongful death.

A recent accident we shared with readers involved a high school student who was driving at excessive speed at a curve when her car went airborne and hit a tree. She was seriously injured and her passenger was fatally injured in that crash. Crashes in which a passenger is fatally injured that involve the poor judgment, distraction or excessive speed can result in a wrongful death action against the driver.

The Scholle Law team shares in the shock and sadness of the loss of our former Chief Justice. We are deeply saddened. We strive every day to live up to the highest standards of legal representation before the Atlanta and Georgia courts in serious injury and wrongful death cases. We are proud of our record of excellence and invite our readers who have questions after an accident or injury to contact our law firm for guidance and support. Please contact our firm at any time for help.