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Atlanta Injury Prevention: Holiday Safety Tips

imagesWe want our readers to enjoy safe and happy holidays. And to help with that, we also want to remind our readers about many of the winter holiday hazards that come along with this wonderful time of year. During past holiday seasons, we have brought these dangers to our readers’ attention. In our view, we cannot give too many reminders about these potential hazards. The National Safety Council (NSC) is a great resource for holiday safety. You will find safety tips and reminders on the NSC site, from tree decorating safety to slip and fall protection to poison control. Children and pets need to be protected during this busy time for parents, caregivers, teachers and just about everyone else. We are all rushing it seems, which can cause us to forget safety measures. We can forget things as simple as leaving the dog in a home with Poinsettias which are dangerous for them or  leaving small toy pieces that can be a choking hazard for little ones. Everything from small button batteries to properly cooked food is covered in their materials.

Holiday Road Travel Safety

Last year, the Georgia Department of Public Safety noted that there were eleven fatal crashes and deaths over the Christmas holiday alone. Literally hundreds of crashes and injuries occurred during this time frame. Keep your family safe by making sure your vehicle is road ready. Take a look at our post last week about getting your car ready for winter driving. When you do take a family road trip or even drive to the store, make sure everyone is buckled up and that the little ones are properly secured in their car seats. Holiday road travel causes congested highways, which can fray nerves and cause accidents. Remember that getting to your friends and relatives safely is more important than anything else. So make sure to slow down and drive defensively. And if you have had some holiday cheer and need a designated driver, get one. Too often we see accidents caused by drivers who are under the influence. DUI’s are of major concern during the winter holidays as well.

Holiday Fire Safety from Turkey Fryers to Christmas Trees

First, some startling statistics. Nearly 50,000 fires occur over these holidays. Tragically, there are about 500 fatalities and over 2,000 injuries in past years. Shocking as it may be, the Red Cross says that one out of every 22 Christmas tree fires result in fatality. Holiday home accidents, particularly fire-related accidents, are often caused by cooking mishaps such as fried turkey injuries and fires, unattended candles, dry Christmas trees, unsafe fireplaces, space heaters, holiday decorations and frayed electrical cords.

Cooking fires are most likely to occur around Thanksgiving preparation. The biggest culprit are turkey fryers. Over the past few years, fried turkey has become a holiday favorite for many families. But the frying process is extremely hazardous and great caution must be used to avoid serious injury, including major burns. The fryer which can become very very hot during the cooking process, must be placed away from your home, outside and isolated from kids and others. A partially frozen turkey can cause hot oil to fly out resulting in a severe burn, turkey fryers themselves can tip over or overheat. Make sure your turkey is fully thawed before placing it in the fryer. Being mindful of these hazards, make sure that you have the proper equipment to safely fry a turkey, such as long oven mitts made for high heat. Make sure your fryer is perfect working order.

Candle and Christmas tree fires are another concern. Candles can often be forgotten after a big celebration and if they are left lit and unattended they can cause a house fire. Many of the winter holiday traditions include candles. Designate someone to walk around your home and make sure that all lit candles are extinguished. Live Christmas trees should be green and not dry. Keep your tree in water and keep an eye out for drying needles over the holidays. Remember that flammable materials should be kept away from open flame. Even something as simple as a cotton robe can ignite easily and cause a major fire and devastating personal injury.

Scholle Law is pleased to bring our readers safety tips and information. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday season. Please contact us if you need legal advice after an accident or injury. We will consult with you free of charge and in most of our cases, we do not get paid until you get paid. We are experienced, compassionate personal injury lawyers with the knowledge to help you recover what you deserve from your accident or injury caused by the negligence of others.