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Atlanta Hosts Governors’ Highway Safety Conference


This week, Atlanta hosts an important national conference for both the public and private sectors. The conference is the annual meeting of the Governors’ Highway Safety Administration (GHSA) which has set a very important and key theme … partnerships in traffic safety. The conference will center around a goal that is important for those across America, achieving zero fatalities on America’s roads and highways.  Here at Scholle Law, we fully support all efforts to ensure zero fatal vehicle crashes, since this will ultimately lead not only to fewer traffic deaths, but to fewer serious injuries as well.

It is truly an honor for Atlanta to be hosting this conference on a subject so important to all of us, particularly those of us working to help victims involved in motor vehicle accidents of all kinds that cause serious injury every day across our country. The conference will be covering topics of interest to regulators and first responders, such as autonomous vehicles, traffic safety technologies and improvements and communications among agencies and responders.

The meeting began this past weekend with an address by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Deputy Administrator, Heidi King. She has an impressive background in fields related to technology and public safety, so important in today’s transportation environment. Governor Deal issued a welcome video for the conference, mentioning many of the great things to do and see in Atlanta while members attend  this important meeting.

The central theme of the conference is the goal of zero fatalities. If technologies continue to improve vehicle safety, this is a realizable goal. Earlier this month, the GHSA issued a report that will be presented at the conference. The expectation for the future of transportation is that AV’s or autonomous vehicles will improve safety. A full 94% of all crashes are said to be caused by, or somehow involve, driver mistakes in judgment. The regulators know that we are a long way from zero fatalities as drivers continue to have control of their vehicles, including settings that can be involved in accidents. Driver behavior will continue to be an issue in traffic safety.

Ironically, one of the issues the report on AV mentions is the continuing concern about driver attention. Just this past week, a Tesla driver who claimed his vehicle was in autonomous mode crashed into a fire truck. This, along with other recent crashes, underscore the need to fully understand the “practical deployment” of AV technology. Many legal issues will come along with the technological advances. The report recommends that state laws that make it mandatory for AV’s to have a licensed driver in the vehicle at all times, to regulate the registration of AV’s and to carefully consider the way law enforcement will deal with AV’s as they will undoubtedly alter the way traffic safety is enforced.

Scholle Law welcomes the GHSA to Atlanta and looks forward to learning more about the outcome of this critically important conference. We support the efforts to improve highway and driver safety. Our law firm represents those injured and harmed in vehicle accidents, including truck accidents, car accidents and motorcycle accidents. We do not charge for evaluations and we only get paid when you get paid.